SE‘ Reactions

Sophisticated methodologies for SE‘ reactions to afford stereocontrolled preparation of homoallylic alcohols have been studied for making highly functionalized systems to support applications to natural product chemisty. A brief outline of these efforts:

A) Bidirectional SE‘ strategies for 1,5-stereocontrol

Primary reference: Org. Lett. 2012, 14, 3866-3869.

B) Stereocontrol in Asymmetric SE‘ reactions of gamma-substituted α,β-unstaurated aldehydes

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C) Bis-Stannylation of 1-Alkoxyallene and stereocontrolled allylation

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D) Allylation SE‘ Reactivity of 3,3-Bis(trimethylsily)-2-methyl-1-propene.

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E) The role of vicinal chirality in SE' reactions

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F) Asymmetric SE’ reactions in the Total Synthesis of Phorboxazole A.

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G) Asymmertric SE’ reactions for the synthesis of Amphidinolide K.

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H) Asymmertric SE’ reactions; an application for total synthesis of (−)-Laulimalide

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I) Asymmetric SE’ methodology for Total Synthesis of Leucascandrolide A.

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J) Stereoconvergent SE’ reactions of chiral allylsilanes in the synthesis of Deoxyneodolabelline

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K) Reagent-Controlled asymmertric allylation in the synthesis of Hennoxazole A.

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