Doctoral Students/Last Known Employment Position

Levin Taylor (Ph.D.) [2021]
Seth Bawel (Ph.D.) [2019] Posdoctoral Researcher; University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Sarah Ward (Ph.D.) [2019] Assistant Professor; George Mason University
Paul T. Gladen (Ph.D.) [2014] Assistant Professor of Chemistry; Lake Forest College
Akshay A. Shah (Ph.D.) [2014] Senior Research Scientist; Merck
Fese M. Mokube (Ph.D.) [2013] Senior Scientist; Eli Lilly
Partha P. Nag (Ph.D.) [2013] Senior Research Scientist; Broad Institute
Prolay K. Mondal (Ph.D.) [2013] Postdoctoral Research Associate; Wayne State University
Bruce A. Atwater (Ph.D.) [2013] Assistant Professor; Fort Hays State University
Pucheng Ke (Ph.D.) [2013] Pharmacy Specialist; United States Army
Ramkrishna De (Ph D.) [2012] Chemist; Metagus NPRI
Joseph R. Pinchman (Ph.D.) [2012] Scientific Associate; Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation
Martin J. Walsh (Ph.D) [2009] Senior Chemist; Corteva AgriSciences
Michael W. Fultz (Ph.D) [2009] Assistant Professor; West Virginia State University
J. Cullen Klein (Ph.D) [2009] Postdoctoral Fellow; Indiana University
Khalida Shamim (Ph.D) [2006] Senior Research Scientist; GlaxoSmithKline
Samarjit Patnaik (Ph.D.) [2006] Research Scientist; NIH Chemical Genomics Center
Richard J. Mullins (Ph.D.) [2004] Assistant Professor; Xavier University
Scott V. Plummer (Ph.D.) [2003] Assistant Technical Director; Alcon Laboratories, Inc.
David C. Ihle (Ph.D.) [2003] Senior Scientist II; AbbVie
David C. Kammler (Ph.D.) [2002] Assistant Professor; Antioch College
Richard W. Heidebrecht, Jr. (Ph.D.) [2002] Director of Chemistry; SciFluor Life Sciences
Michael P. Clark (Ph.D.) [2001] Associate Director; Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Guillermo S. Cortez (Ph.D.) [2000] Senior Scientist; Eli Lilly
Brian J. Myers (Ph.D.) [2000] Assistant Professor; Ohio Northern University
Todd A. Brugel (Ph.D.) [2000] Research Scientist; Ashland Specialty Ingredients
Kevin G. Meyer (Ph.D.) [1999] Senior Research Scientist; Corteva AgriSciences
Dawn A. Brooks (Ph.D.) [1998] Senior Director and Clinical Project Management Advisor; Eli Lilly
Kim. M. Werner (Ph.D.) [1997] Senior Principal Scientist; AstraZeneca R&D
Regis A. Turske (Ph.D.) [1997] Senior Research Scientist; Bristol-Myers Squibb
William S. Kissel (Ph.D.) [1997] Director of Technical Operations; Ironwood Pharamceuticals
Mark G. Fromhold (Ph.D.) [1997] Director, Outsourced Biologics Manufacturing; Gilead Sciences
Jill D. Earley (Ph.D.) [1996] Senior Research Scientist; Dupont
Jie Li (Ph.D.) [1995] Associate Professor; San Francisco State University
Christian M. Rojas (Ph.D.) [1994] Professor; Barnard College
Paul J. Coleman (Ph.D.) [1994] Director of Research; Merck
Paul A. Jass (Ph.D.) [1994] Research Investigator, API; Aptuit
Martin H. Osterhout (Ph.D.) [1991] Senior Research Scientist; GlaxoSmithKline
Patrick D. Lowder (Ph.D.) [1991] Intellectual Property Attorney; Thompson Hine, LLP
John W. Benbow (Ph.D.) [1990] Senior Research Scientist; Pfizer
John M. McGill (Ph.D.) [1990] Director, Discovery Chemistry Research; Eli Lilly
Leslie A. Robinson (Ph.D.) [1989] Intellectual Property Attorney; Pfizer, Inc.
Dale L. Rieger (Ph.D.) [1989] Intellectual Property Attorney and Partner; Jones Day, LLP
Eric E. Allen (Ph.D.) [1988] Director of Chemistry; Cure Pharmaceutical
David L. Brown (Ph.D.) [1988] Senior Research Scientist; Pfizer GRD, St. Louis
Joseph D’Antuono III (Ph.D.) [1988] President; PharmChem Innovations, Vice-President; ROW2 Technologies
Jimmie L. Moore (Ph.D.) [1988] Senior Research Scientist; Corixa Pharmaceuticals
Ricky D. Gaston (Ph.D.) [1987] Senior Research Scientist; NitroMed, Inc.
Franklin H. White (Ph.D.) [1987] Project Leader; ABC Chemicals, Inc.
William D. Bennett (Ph.D.) [1986] Senior Scientist; Advanced ChemTech, Louisville
Isaac Byron Horton III (Ph.D.) [1986] Vice President; Rohm and Haas International, European Division
Sing-Yuen Sit (Ph.D.) [1984] Distinguished Scientist; Bristol-Myers Squibb
Jonathan Grote (Ph.D.) [1984] Senior Research Scientist; Abbott Laboratories
Bruce A. Barner (Ph.D.) [1983] Vice President, Scientific Affairs; Nexgen Pharma
James G. Phillips (Ph.D.) [1982] Adjunct Faculty; Cleveland State, President; Curragh Chemistries, Inc.
Aziz Abbaspour (Ph.D.) [1982] Senior Research Scientist; National Cancer Institute (deceased)

Postdoctoral Associates/Last Known Position

Lucas C. Kopel 2008-2011 Postdoctoral Research Associate; South Dakota State University
Derek A. Fischer 2008-2011 Lead Synthetic Chemist; Exciton, Inc.
Liangfeng Fu 2008-2010 Research Scientist; Dartmouth College
Bo Liang 2007-2009 Postdoctoral Fellow; Purdue University
David Rodriguez-Reyes 2007-2010 Teacher; Duval County Public School
William R. F. Goundry 2005-2006 Associate Principal Scientist; AstraZeneca, UK
Angel Morales-Ramos 2004-2006 Senior Research Scientist; Vitae Pharmaceuticals
Gireesh Mahandru 2004-2006 Senior Research, Pfizer, Kent, UK
Nicholas Zorn 2004-2007 Associate Principal Scientist, Modeling (CADD) Group; Merk, USA
Christopher D. Claeboe 2003 – 2005 Senior Organic Chemist; Albemarle Corporation
Jonathan T. Reeves 2002 – 2004 Senior Research Scientist; Boehringer-Ingelheim
Andre A. Kiryanov 2002 – 2004 Senior Scientist; Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Ulrich Emde 2000 – 2001 Senior Research Scientist; Merck KGaA, Germany
Emmanuel Vrancken 2000 – 2001 Assistant Professor; Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France
Katsuhide Ohi 1999 – 2002 Instructor; Kitasato University, Japan
Liang Mi 1999 – 2001 Senior Research Scientist; Array Biopharma
Stéphane H. Bogen 1997 – 1998 Director, Merck
Ricky D. Gaston 1996 – 1998 Senior Research Scientist; NitroMed, Inc.
Martin A. Berliner 1996 – 1999 Associate Research Fellow; Pfizer
Stephen M. Shaw 1996 – 1998 Senior Research Scientist; Albany Molecular
Abdullah Menzek 1996 – 1997 Associate Professor of Chemistry, Ataturk University, Turkey
John W. Kennington, Jr. 1993 – 1995 Research Scientist; Eli Lilly
Yu Gui Gu 1991 – 1993 Project Leader, Anti-infectives; Abbott Laboratories
Jayachandra Reddy 1991 – 1994 Senior Research Scientist; Albany Molecular
Bainian Feng 1991 – 1993 Scientist III, Group Leader; Cytokinetics, Inc.
C. Richard Nevill Jr. 1990 – 1991 Research Scientist, Eli Lilly
George Amato 1989 – 199 Senior Research Scientist; Icagen Pharmaceuticals
H.L. Allan Tse 1987 – 1989 Scientist, Arris Pharmaceutical Corporation
Vibhuti Klingler-Dabral 1987 Managing Director, Biodetek, Bensheim, Germany
Franz Klingler 1986 – 1987 Senior Scientist, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Ingelheim, Germany
Daniel Labar 1985 – 1986 Head of Radiochemistry; Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium
Hans Känel 1985 – 1986 Senior Research Scientist; Novartis
Minoru Yamada 1983 – 1984 Senior Research Scientist; Schering AG, Japan
Santi Sakdarat 1983 – 1986 Assistant Professor; Suranee University of Technology, Thialand
Yoshihiro Harigaya 1982 – 1984 Professor of Chemistry; Kitasato University, Japan
Vasant Mamdapur 1979 – 1980 Senior Scientist; Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Bombay, India
Kiyoshi Nishitani 1979 – 1981 Professor of Chemistry; Science University of Tokyo

Masters Students/Last Known Position

Gabriel Miter [2021] Personnel Officer; Indiana Army National Guard
Kristen N. Lewis (M.S.) Instuctor; West Virginia State University
Mitchell C. Stadler (M.S.) [2015] Research Scientist; AMRI
Julienne C. Green (M.S.) [2011] Intellectual Property Attorney; Ariosa Diagnostics
Nathan A. Miller (M.S.) [2008] Senior Scientist; GlaxoSmithKline
Michael J. McCoy (M.S.) [2007] Research Scientist; Eli Lilly
Bryan W. Stroup (M.S.) [2006] Supplements Buyer, Whole Body; Whole Foods Market
Andrew F. Donnell (M.S.) [2005] Medicinal Chemist; Roche
Jesse D. Carrick (M.S.) [2005] Assistant Professor of Chemistry; Tennessee Tech University
Ryan E. Stites (M.S.) [2005] Chemist; Eli Lilly
Bryan W. Stroup (M.S.) [2005] Chemist; Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research
Mark R. Herbert (M.S.) [2004] Director, Pharmaceutical Sciences; Aragon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Michael J. Reno (M.S.) [2000] Chemist; GlaxoSmithKline
Elizabeth R. Rand (M.S.) [1997] Chemist; Pfizer
Paul J. Kleindl (M.S.) [1997] Chemist; Great Lakes Chemical Company
Beth A. Plattner (M.S.) [1997] Assistant Professor; University of Akron
Elizabeth L. McClymont (M.S.) [1995] Chemist; Dow Chemical Company
Richard L. Simoneaux (M.S.) [1995] Senior Chemist/Editor; Thomson Scientific
Thomas R. Sattelberg (M.S.) [1994] Chemist; Bristol-Myers Squibb
George F. Dorsey (M.S.) [1992] Chemist; GlaxoSmithKline
Cynthia L. Henry (M.S.) [1990] Chemist; Eli Lilly
Andrew H. Fray (M.S.) [1990] Research Scientist; Eli Lilly